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December 22 2014

To download this material Click this link - http://homework-tutorials.com/product/ashford-edu-639-week-5-dq-1-non-heterosexual-parents-and-kids/ ; Non-Heterosexual Parents and Kids. View the short documentary Homecoming. Is there anything teachers can do to help students like Ron feel safer in school in towns like Ron’s hometown? Is it better for gay, lesbian, asexual, transsexual or parents with these orientations to simply seek out more “liberal” schools for their children? Does your school district resemble Lakeville or his new arts high school in Minneapolis? How can teachers help such students feel valued and safe in the classroom where the school culture is not there to support them? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings in a thoughtful and substantive manner Find out where the admissions office prior to picking a college. You can find a number of services here and see what scholarships are available. Many colleges provide scholarships that are available to their own scholarships. Visiting an admissions officers can help you to check out all the college funding options you need.

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